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Duane Kyles is an internationally-known content creator, sought after speaker, minister, husband and father.  His platform “Uanesworld”, garnered over 30 million views online with viewership in over 50 countries around the world. This platform has given him an opportunity to impact countless people especially youth.


While in school Duane was a basketball player who was often bullied because of his height. No matter how good he was on the court he endured a constant inward battle to fight past insecurity and scrutiny. This made him make a promise to himself  that when he got older he would encourage every young person to believe in themselves.

Duane's dreams  were shattered when he didn't make a college basketball team.  He overcame the disappointment by focusing on ways he could encourage his peers and the youth to fulfill their dreams.  In 2015, he created a platform called UanesWorld that highlights high school athletes and others to remind them of their greatness.  In 2019, he had South Carolina first ever basketball sports awards gala for high school athletes called the RIM Awards. For almost a decade Duane has inspired the masses through his platform, “Uanesworld”, garnering over 30 million views online with viewership in over 50 countries around the world.

As a content creator, Duane has worked with professional athletes such as, Ja Morant and A'ja Wilson, as well companies like Nike and ESPN.

In 2020, he married the love of his life. A year later he became the father to a beautiful daughter.  He loves traveling the world to empower youth but his greatest love is his family.

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